Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mellizas (Tweens!)

I entitled this short blog entry mallizas (twins) because today Winfrey and I were able to hold his host sister's twins. In the states, Jessica and I often say tweens, filling in words/songs/rhymes/etc. with the word tweens. We also happened to find my Australian tween at the airport in Florida. As a quick update, today and tomorrow there is a festival/fair in town in celebration of the Virgin Mary. For the celebration the town has set up rides, food stands, games and has a parade. Firecrackers are set off every .34 seconds as well, likewise with any other holiday or event in the culture. The men in town also dress up like traditional grandmothers and dance in the streets (Abuelitas Chismosas). I met with the director of tourism for the muni the past few days, including a formal introduction in Spanish. Through him we have been networked to the local artisans. Throughout the fair today we spent time getting to know these artisans of different crafts and specialties, trying to build confianza within the community. This links to my training project of three months, which I will explain in more detail in a post sometime in the next week or so. I'm excited about the project and what we can accomplish. Here are a few updated pictures and videos. This blog represents my thoughts and opinions alone and do not represent the US government or the Cuerpo de Paz.


  1. The "tweens" are adorable.
    Although the cultures are completely different, your description of the festival reminds me so much of Chinese New Year in Dali, Yunnan province...especially the firecrackers!

  2. Did you remember me?. I'm Maria a 100% chirrepequena o Cobanera. Also in our culture if you see the twins you have to share your food or give some money to them, especially if they're watching you meanwhile you're eating. Be careful because they can make a little whole in your cloth. It's our believe. You have a lot beautiful pictures.