Tuesday, April 26, 2011

As a Lent tradition, alfombras, or carpets, are created in the streets of Guatemala, specifically during Holy Week.  The alfombras are laid down as a welcoming symbol for the arrival of Jesus, similar to the palms in religious tradition.  Originally made from flowers and feathers in the 1500’s, the process rooted in Spain often causes roads to be blocked off for hours at a time.  The entire Catholic community participates in the process.  Each person’s ‘plot’ in front of their home or place of work is decorated with pride.  Today, the majority of the alfombras are made with colored saw-dust and sands, but are decorated with candles, flowers, foods, statues, you name it…  A procession takes place throughout the town, in which varying numbers of ‘floats’ are carried by hundreds of men.  I was told being able to carry the large Jesus float, symbolic of the carrying of the cross, is a major honor in the religious community.  Check out some fotos from the week:

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