Saturday, July 23, 2011

Estados Unidos

             I have now been back in Guatemala for four days.  Despite the return of minor stomach issues (soft ice-cream poop consistency), things are off to a positive start.  Funding for new promotional materials has been granted and will soon be printed, the latrine project materials are all collected  and it now only lacks construction and paperwork (although, a ton), I have cleaned and de-roached my house, and the rainy season has been tranquil thus far-- knock on wood.  My trip stateside was simply perfect and provided the reboot I needed to complete the last third of my service.  Here are some photos from my trip.  I undoubtedly have a wonderful family and awesome friends. #winning

Visiting with my Babci (Grandma)

24th Cumpleaños in NYC

Garett's (mi hermanito) grad party

Oneida Lake- Central NY
Overwhelmed in Wegmans


  1. Hiller Heights was never the same after Evan left... dododododo

  2. Hey Evan, Oh man! Wegmans! Glad to hear you enjoyed your trip home!

  3. I love this post :) Mostly cause I'm in it. Can't wait to see your face again.