Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Circus life under the big top world, We all need the clowns to make us smile

Yesterday my quasi-host brother turned 14.  Cue the piñata, cake, music, and food!  Let’s-a-goooo.  Kevin, the birthday boy whose family resides in the compound in which I live, wanted a ‘Mario Party.’  A solid seventy of us Mario –karted ourselves a few houses down to the grandmother’s for the activities.  Leo (Fife) and I were both in attendance.  The floor was covered in pine needles and palm leaves masked many of the walls.  Streamers and balloons lined the walkway.  The party was complete with two piñatas of both Mickey Mouse and Mario.  My neighbor Sonya’s younger brother Luis Jr. dj’ed la fiesta.  At some point between pasteles and balloon popping contests Bieber Fever came on.  This epidemic is now world-wide and may soon take priority as a secondary project if I can first cure my own minor infection.

                                             Giving up the baby to begin singing
                                                          Face into the cake
                                                     Cleaning off the frosting
                                                         Leo and Mrs. Jaurez
                                                    Mario pinata remnants
Coincidentally the circus is in town this week as well, starting yesterday.  Following cake and a few presents the neighbors, Fife, and I took Kevin over to the local circus to conclude a fun-filled evening. A few clown acts, a small girl on the trapeze, a dancing Sponge-bob, and a magic act made up the majority of the show.  I wanted to add a quick thank-you to all my Jersey friends who came out to dinner in New York when I was home; this Journey post title is for you…. I love making fun of stereotypes.
                                                Cake, tostada, and pasteles
                                          Handing out 'surprise' goody bags to the kids
                                                             More party treats
I am now off to bake carrot cakes with students from the Chibulbut school. My  site-mate Kamille set up a garden at the school (School Garden) and we are using what they have grown .  Post to come soon.

Unitl next time- Faithfully,

Evan Luigi James


  1. wooooooow that pinata had NO chance haha. completely disintegrated.

    i miss tostadas con guaca, salsa y quesoo

  2. Oh hey Luigi! Nice post beb. The partay looks like it was fun. I love making fun of stereotypes too!! We should be friends. ;)

  3. Beiber Fever has hit Botswana too! What can we do?!

  4. SO CUTE!! I love Beiber Fever references AND Journey jokes. Awesome.