Thursday, October 7, 2010

They’ll call me freedom, Just like a Wavin’ Flag

September 15th was the celebration of Guatemala's Independence Day. 189 years ago, in 1821, Guatemala became independent after nearly 327 years under Spanish rule.  Common events throughout the week included parades, pageants, setting off bombas, torch-runs, and an abundance of waving light-blue Guatemalan flags.  I was able to participate in a number of events with the two local schools on the Co-op and even acted as one of the four judges at the Chibulbut community Señorita de Independencia four-hour long pageant.  Pageant questions were answered in both Spanish and Q’eqchi, the local Mayan dialect.  Although Guatemala is a country brimming with corruption, various lacks of freedom, and a violent history, it was refreshing to see such pride and excitement for this independence.  Despite this fact, a co-worker stated; “If we hadn’t gained independence we would be World Cup Champions.”  Primero dios—first god, and then futbol.

Girls from Chibulbut School
Running the 6 kilometers from Coban Park to Chibulbut

Miss Independence Day Pageant


  1. Hi Evan-I am Kealan's mom and we got back from visiting her a couple of weeks ago. Kealan asked me to send a small parcel to you which I did a few days ago...I hope you get it..let me know. Joan Waldron